MEGO Batcave Getting a Retro Reproduction!


If you’re as old as I am, you remember MEGO toys. Even if they just belonged to the older geeks in your family. MEGO produced action figures from Star Trek, Marvel and DC with awesome, removable cloth costumes. Some you youngins might remember them being used for stop-motion in Robot Chicken. Well, they are much cooler than that.

Now, Figures Toy Company is reproducing the original MEGO Batman Batcave playset sometime this year!

Now, anyone who remembers this set should know that this was a repackaged, reused Planet of the Apes playset that didn’t sell all that well. Kinda how The Lizard from Marvel was also the same figure as The Gorn from the Star Trek series.  But that didn’t stop it from being fun! In addition, the reissue will include an Aquaman MEGO fig fighting a Great White Shark. Which is awesome.

Check out this old MEGO commercial about the very playset.

No prices or release dates have been set, but we should see more info later in the year, maybe at Comic-Con.

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