Gotham: More Wondercon Interviews!


The cast and crew of Gotham was on hand at this weekend’s Wondercon festivities in Anaheim California. We’ve already posted highlights of the Gotham panel and some interviews, but now we have additional interviews with even more information from this past weekend’s event!

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Now these are more interviews with Gotham stars Ben McKenzie, Cory Michael Smith & Robin Lord Taylor, so some of this you may have already heard as they repeat things they’ve been asked about before (which tends to happen when you do a bunch of interviews about the same subject in a short time period) if you’ve been following Wondercon news, but there is also new information you can learn from these as well. For example, Ben McKenzie hints that to be Comissioner in Gotham, you have to play it hard sometimes, but Jim knows that what he’s doing to achieve his goals sometimes is “pretty fu**** up”. And while Robin Lord Taylor says Penguin is vicious, he also is fun, has a sense of whimsy, and has a talent for ingratiating himself to people (which he uses to manipulate them, of course). And Cory Michael Smith talks about how he approaches the character of Edward Nygma so he could potentially be any one of many versions of the Riddler we have seen over the years. Check out the interviews with Seat42F below:

With all these great interviews I’m plenty hyped for when Gotham returns next Monday, April 13th on Fox. Be sure to watch!

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