Young stars reportedly in battle for Marvel’s Spider-Man role


Can you remember when Dylan O’Brien was announced as Marvel’s Spider-Man? Yeah, neither can I as the great ‘who will be Spider-Man debate rages on’. Now it seems that the internet has moved past the likes of O’Brien and other front-running contender Logan Lerman and is leaning younger.

For starters the rumour goes that 16 year-old Weeds star Mateus Ward is not only in the line for Marvel’s 2017 Spider-Man film, but he’s already auditioned. Some sites are even going as far as to report that the young man has already been cast in the role of Spider-Man, which now makes two people!

Here’s a quote from the Badass Digest

"It was so super secret they held the audition at a house, not any sort of office, but word leaks out, as it always will"

However Ward isn’t the only young star being touted as Spider-Man. Jeff Sneider threw Asa Butterfield’s name into the hat in one of his Meet the Movie Press episodes. “There aren’t many stars that age that can carry something as big as Spider-Man,” Sneider said, suggesting that 18 year-old Asa Butterfield could be a contender.

Butterfield’s stock rose when he starred alongside Harrison Ford in the Sci-Fi novel adaption of Ender’s Game, a film I actually really, really liked. He pulled off the supremely intelligent and superior Ender perfectly so I’ve no doubt he could do Peter Parker equally as well. However Butterfield has been put forward by a film journalist, so in reality he isn’t really in the running.

Finally, Modern Family’s Nolan Gould, best known for playing Luke, is also eying up the Spider-Man role. Again this is from the same Meet the Movie Press video. Whilst he didn’t outright say it, Sneider did suggest that a ‘young television actor on a big famous sit-com with the initials NG’ was in the running, so it pretty much has to be Nolan Gould. But again this is as unofficial as it can get really.

After all of these reports, and articles. After processing all of these rumours it seems that we’re no closer to finding out who will be the new Spider-Man. Maybe it’ll be me.

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