Marvel’s Spider-Man film to be shown in IMAX?


If we’re honest, and I think we should be honest all of the time, we really don’t know a lot about the upcoming Spider-Man film. Everything we think we’ve learnt has come from unconfirmed sources and rampant speculation. Even the reported logo and title from Wondercon 2015 hasn’t been verified.

So allow me to add even more unconfirmed reports and rampant speculation based off of one solitary fact! It’s is absolutely true that Disney/Marvel and IMAX have  renewed their agreement. This means that films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to be shown in IMAX screens all over the world!

This means that Marvel’s next wave of films will be available for viewing at IMAX theatres. Meaning that the likes of Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor 3: Ragnarok and Doctor Strange will be shown on those giant screens, as well as the hotly anticipated seventh Star Wars film.

The article reporting the deal, from Variety, doesn’t mention the Spider-Man film specifically but it does state that the deal starts from now and continues through to 2017 which is when the Marvel/Sony Spider-Man film is due to be released. So I’d imagine that will also be on IMAX as well?

But even if it isn’t, Spider-Man is still due to make his onscreen debut into the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Captain America 3: Civil War so the Webhead is guaranteed to be heading to an IMAX screen in a Marvel movie pretty soon!

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