Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker Statue on It’s Way!


The Batman: Arkham Asylum series is a huge sensation in the video game world and a favorite of many Batman fans. If you happen to be one such person and you revel in Batman collectibles, you’re in for a treat. Sideshow Collectibles has announced a new intricate statue based on one of the game’s greatest foils, The Joker! Check out this amazing video announcing the release.

"First up in Sideshow Collectibles Arkham Asylum line is the Clown Prince of Crime! Get your first look at The Joker: Arkham Asylum Premium Format™ Figure and be prepared to Pre-Order this foe of Batman on Thursday, April 16, 2015!"

I’m not all that hot on some of the character designs from Arkham Asylum, but the craftsmanship on this statue is impeccable. It’s a must have for Bat-fans everywhere. If you’re going to go after this bad boy, you can check out the Sideshow website right here.

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