Adam Beach Not Playing Ravan In Suicide Squad?


At the recent cast photo unveiling for the first table read of the Suicide Squad film, actor Adam Beach was in the photo, but his role had not been revealed at the time of the photo. Latino Review claimed he was playing the DC villain Revan, but now we have claims that he is playing a different DC villain in the film.

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It is now being reported that Adam Beach will play the villain Slipknot in Suicide Squad. Slipknot is admittedly a pretty dumb villain. His entire gimmick is that he developed “really durable ropes”, and he decides to use these ropes as a career criminal. And you thought Crazy Quilt was bad. Anyways, Slipknot does have some involvement with the Suicide Squad in the DC comics, but it doesn’t work out too well for him, as he tries to run away and finds out those explosive armbands (which will most likely be something else in the movie, but equally deadly) the squad are forced to wear are not a bluff.

Keep in mind, this is all still rumor for now. Adam Beach is obviously in the Suicide Squad movie, but there is no official word on what role he is playing. Depending on the role, we may not even find out until Suicide Squad opens in theaters next August.

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