Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Preview Coming Thursday, Full Version April 20


We truly live in a remarkable age when not only do we have awesome super hero movies preceded by awesome trailers, but we even have previews for those trailers. And one of the biggest ones out there, a preview of the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is coming this week.

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As first reported by Umberto Gonzalez of Latino Review and later seconded by sites like Collider, a five-second preview of the Dawn of Justice trailer will be released online on April 16. Supposedly you’ll then be able to register somehow to watch the entire thing in theaters on Monday, April 20, though whether or not that means it’ll be in front of a movie or just be something you go see for free and then leave is unclear.

Gonzalez has a pretty good track record for scoops of this nature, so I have no problem assuming this is happening. He also doubles down by saying that the Batman v Superman trailer will also be attached to a pretty popular upcoming flick. That’d be Avengers: Age of Ultron, and while it’s a little odd to be using a Marvel blockbuster to publicize a DC movie, it also happens fairly frequently.

In any case, there’s a good chance we’ll have seen the trailer before Age of Ultron premieres on May 1, in which case we’ll have our resident Superman expert, Steve Lam, break it down. Otherwise, we’ll just revel in the glory of the five-second preview and ponder once again the strange but wonderful age in which we live.

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