Amazing Spider-Man #17 Recap


Hello Webslingers, welcome back. Let’s check in with Peter and his company with the recap of Amazing Spider-Man #17.

The first pages takes us to dinner at Aunt May’s and Jay’s apartment (with Peter and Anna), where Aunt May seems to have taken a liking to Anna Maria, an attitude much different from her initial reaction to Peter’s (SpOck’s) girlfriend. When the idea of marriage comes up, though, a cool and collected Anna informs them that her relationship with Peter has ended.

After they leave, she tells Peter that he always over-complicates his life, and after a bit of convincing she persuades Peter to suit up and swing them to Parker Industries. Meanwhile, at Parker’s Industries Beta Testing Lab, Sajani and Clayton are arguing about the viability of having a super villain prison as their company’s flagship venture.

A security guard interrupts their discussion to warn them that the security system has been glitching just as Pete and Anna arrive. Much to Pete’s chagrin, Sajani grow even angrier when she discovers that not only are they late, her state of the art security tech is down, Peter is still building tech for Spider-Man, and her coworkers have broken up.

On the next page we discover the source of the glitch, as we see Ghost phasing through the security hub, deactivating the phone system, the internet, and initiating the building’s lockdown. The unfortunate security guard stumbles upon him, only to be the Ghost’s first victim.

We return to the Beta Testing Lab, wherePeter activates the prison model, complete with hard-light smart walls, security orbs, and hovering S.W.A.T bots. All hell breaks loose as the S.W.A.T bots begin to attack Pete and the assembled co-workers. Ghost reveals himself to the group, stating that he plans to bring the building down on their heads. Peter uses his spider-sense and power to protect his co-workers and destroy the bots, while Anna covers for him by creating a plausible excuse such as using a “jamming frequency to mess up the bot’s aim.”

Peter commands his assistant robot the Living Brain to protect the staff and guide them to an exit, though Anna is more concerned about the Brain’s memory where she stored her and Sajani’s secret nanotech project. Reminded of the situation with Black Cat, Sajani sneaks off to “solve” the problem herself. Finally, the Living Brain destroys the wall and creates an exit as the staff funnels through to safety. We find Sajani trying to negotiate with the Ghost: she’ll teach him how to wreck the prison if he leaves the other projects alone. Thing is, Ghost hates people like her, and Pete barges his way into the room to find Sajani in the death grab of the Ghost.

The end of the issue features the continuation of the Black Cat side story. She crashes a party that Regina (the woman who bought all of Felicia’s formerly stolen goods) and steals one of her paintings back right before Regina’s eyes. Regina and her security force storm upstairs, only to be swiftly dispatched by the Black Cat’s agile moves and bad luck. The Black Cat knocks Regina out with a poison claw, ties her up, and declares to her that she’s almost done taking her life’s treasures back; she’s just missing one piece: the only auction piece Aunt May and Uncle Jay were able to win.

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