Felicity Smoak Vs. Ra’s Al Ghul On Arrow?


Probably not in a swordfight or anything like that. As awesome as Felicity Smoak is, there’s not much chance she’d last more than a second against Ra’s al Ghul in any kind of hand-to-hand combat. We are talking about someone who managed to fairly easily best Oliver Queen, after all, not to mention someone who has hundreds of years of experience thanks to a certain Lazarus Pit.

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Still, it’s also not likely that Felicity is just going to let the love of her life (sorry Ray Palmer!) sit back and watch Ollie run off to head up the League of Assassins without doing something. Entertainment Weekly’s Natalie Abrams has some very interesting insight on this very idea in her latest “Spoiler Room” column:

"In fact, the logline for next week’s episode mentions that Felicity will take matters into her own hands. While that could simply explain the Olicity hookup that’s been teased in the promos, I wonder whether Oliver’s go-to IT gal might make a play to go after Ra’s herself while in Nanda Parbat. When I asked executive producer Marc Guggenheim if my theory could prove true, he simply replied: “There is a scene between Felicity and Ra’s that is one of my favorites of the series.” Make of that what you will."

My guess is that even if Felicity tries something really dumb, she’s not likely to pay too high a price for it. After all, killing her wouldn’t be the best way to seal the deal for Ra’s as he tries to convince Ollie to take over. Here’s an even crazier idea: if Oliver has already agreed to take over the League, it signifies that Ra’s is ready to die, right? Maybe he just lets Felicity do him in if that’s the case.

Then again, the Lazarus Pit could come into play here too. Plenty of interesting possibilities, some of which we might het to see as early as next Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. You don’t want to miss that one.

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