Suicide Squad: The Jim Parrack Saga Continues…


Hoo boy. So just a day or two after Jim Parrack posted an image to Instagram more or less (although not outright saying) implying that he is indeed playing Deathstroke in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, now we have claims that he is playing an entirely different character altogether.

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Meet the Movie Press is claiming that Jim Parrack is in fact NOT playing Deathstroke and playing a much more minor character called Johnny Frost. Johhny Frost appeared in the Joker graphic novel and is a rather ambitious henchman of the Joker’s. You can watch the video podcast episode where they talk about it and many, many other bits of nerdy news below:

So what is the deal with Jim Parrack’s role in Suicide Squad? Is Deathstroke even actually in the film? Who the hell knows at this point. Hopefully we’ll get a real, official answer from somebody soon. In the meantime, Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th, 2016.


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