Did you spot Spider-Man and Daredevil co-creator Stan Lee in Netflix’s Daredevil?


If you’ve watched all thirteen episodes of Daredevil then you may have seen Marvel legend and Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee, who also co-created the Man Without Fear, Daredevil himself, making one of his now traditional cameos?

Oh, you didn’t? Don’t worry I missed Stan Lee as well when I watched all thirteen episodes in two days and then seriously contemplated watching the whole thing again afterwards. In fact you really, really shouldn’t kick yourself for missing it because Stan Lee himself isn’t actually in the show. But he is in the following still image from the series

Did you spot him? No? Okay take a closer look!

That’s right folks, this time Stan Lee Is a police officer from Hell’s Kitchen who was so good he gets a framed picture in the background of the precinct! So whilst he doesn’t appear in person he is in the show in photograph form!

This is of course not the first time Stan Lee has appeared on-screen in something titled Daredevil as he made what must have been one of his first superhero cameos in the Ben Affleck fronted Daredevil film in 2003

You can next see Stan Lee making one of his cameos in the upcoming Avengers sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron where the comic book legend recently revealed he’s in not one, but two scenes! And actually in person, not as a photograph! Or you can spy him on the front cover of Secret Wars #1. He really gets around!

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