Five Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Plot Clues

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Clue #3: Batman Shows His Detective Skills

In the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, Batman, in his armor and holding a sledgehammer, is seen standing in a graffiti-ridden condemned building.  What could Batman be doing at here?

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Remember, Batman is said to be sort of retired when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice starts.  His name is sort of a legend in Gotham City, and no one has really seen him.  At least that’s what Zack Snyder has said multiple times in interviews.  He most likely comes out of retirement because Luthor’s plans are, in a way, threatening Gotham City.

Another theory would be Superman coming to Gotham City in response to what Luthor has planned.  Because Batman is skeptical of both of them, he needs to launch an investigation into seeing which person he should align himself with.

Batman’s investigation into Superman may reveal Krytponite and his secret identity as Clark Kent.  If this is true, these plot points won’t be unique to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as they’ve been visited multiple times in the comics and in animation.  So it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in live-action if it does happen.

Nevertheless, I have a feeling that Batman’s detective skills will very much be on full display in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which should please hardcore fans.

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