Preview: Hulks Aplenty In Planet Hulk #1


One Hulk is already more than most people, even those with super powers, can handle. A whole bunch of gamma-powered Green Goliaths? That’s a whole new world of trouble.

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On the Secret Wars Battleworld, just such a place exists in the form of Greenland, the patchwork planet’s northernmost territory. That’s where writer Sam Humphries and artist Mark Lamming are preparing to take us in Planet Hulk #1, which hits stores and digital on May 20.

Among the rampaging Hulks, a weary gladiator named Steve Rogers (hey, that guy kind of sounds familiar …) and his companion, Devil Dinosaur, set out to rescue a friend. Good luck with that!

Planet Hulk #1 also features a back-up story from the man responsible for the original story of the same name, Greg Pak. Artist Takeshi Miyazawa joins him to delve into the history of Greenland, and any nation full of Hulks must have an interesting tale to tell.

What caused this place to have all these Hulks in the first place? You’re going to have to read the issue to find out. Until then, we’ve got three preview pages for you scrolling pleasure, so give it a look-see and let us know if you’ve ever seen any version of Rogers with such glorious, flowing locks.

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