A Tale Of A Different Batman v Superman


In just about 11 months we’ll finally get to see Batman v Superman on the big screen. But this is just the first successful attempt to bring Batman v Superman into a living breathing movie. Batman v Superman as a script has been dwelling in Hollywood limbo in one form or another for years, with many different versions that nearly got put into production.

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Mr. Sunday movies tell us of one such version where Batman is five years retired, with the Joker, Dick Grayson & Commissioner Gordon all dead, and Superman is divorced from Lois Lane. It sounds like a really, really awful version, frankly. Filled with things like toy bees that have Joker toxin in them (because sure, why not) and Lex Luthor cloning the Joker. Check out a pretty hilarious animated discussion of this Batman v Superman script below:

Granted, I’m not terribly excited for the Batman v Superman we seem to be getting at the moment, but maybe we should be thankful for whatever we get at this point because it clearly could’ve been much, much worse…

h/t Comicbookmovie.com

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