Stan Lee Claims DC Has Some Catching Up To Do…


Marvel Comics had the advantage of being first out the gate with their big connected movie universe. And next year, DC starts their own with Batman v Superman, which seems to jump ahead a few steps by introducing a ton of characters in the first movie, rather than doing some individual ones and then building up to something like Avengers. Will it work? Marvel legend Stan Lee gave his thoughts on the matter to the Toronto Sun.

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"DC, of course, is trying to catch up to Marvel. More power to them. It’s good if everybody does well, but they’re certainly starting from a ways back. They have a lot of catching up to do. But (the problem is) Marvel has so many heroes. DC just has Superman, Batman and maybe Wonder Woman. Perhaps they’ll use The Flash. Green Lantern wasn’t very successful, but we’ll see."

I believe Stan Lee is right in that DC has plenty of catching up to do, whether they are going about it the right way is questionable at best. But Stan Lee also has a point that outside of the several big mainstays, DC doesn’t necessarily have a deep bench of heroes that can carry their own movies. But, I think the great thing Marvel has shown is that with the right crew, you can make a hit out of something weird and obscure like Guardians of The Galaxy. Hopefully DC can follow suit there. And hey, many of their more minor characters would make great TV shows (see all the DC TV shows in development or on TV for proof).

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