Avengers: Age of Ultron’s Iron Man says Spider-Man in Marvel will ‘defy expectations’


Anyone who remotely considers themselves a fan of Spider-Man will have been felt at least a modicum of excitement at the news that Spider-Man would be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to an agreement between Marvel and Sony.

This feeling of hope for the future of Spider-Man in film was for many reasons. Firstly Spider-Man is a Marvel character and arguably the poster-child for the comic giants, so his return is a bit of a homecoming of sorts. Secondly Spider-Man and the Avengers together onscreen is a mouth-watering prospect and lastly Marvel’s run of comic book films has been somewhat of a cinematic masterpiece so you can be fairly confident that they’ll do Spidey justice where perhaps Sony haven’t!

However Avengers: Age of Ultron star Robert Downey Jr, best known for playing Tony Stark/Iron Man has been asked about Spider-Man several times on his round of press junkets for the Avengers sequel and has not only acknowledged the expectation but has stated quite clearly that Marvel are going to blow our socks off when it comes to Spider-Man. Speaking to IGN he said,

"“However we spin it, we’re going to try and defy the expectation of what it would mean. That’s been the directive from jump. But I think that a great job has been done with Spider-Man so far. And I think that the direction that Spider-Man is going to take is exactly what the fans would be delighted to see.”"

Downey also hinted to E! Online that Tony Stark and Stark Industries might end up bankrolling Spider-Man, which could be a hint that Iron Man will appear in the 2017 Spider-Man movie, lending credence to the rumours that Spider-Man and Iron Man will fight each-other in the film.

RDJ isn’t the only Avengers: Age of Ultron star to comment on Spider-Man’s Marvel inclusion as Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, recently spoke of his happiness that Spidey was now soon going to be part of the team. Avengers: Age of Ultron director, Joss Whedon, also spoke of his disappointment he didn’t get to include Spidey in either of his Avengers films before he passes over the baton.

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