Charlie Cox reveals Daredevil could be in Spider-Man film


A lot of fuss has been made (by me) about whether or not Spider-Man should appear in Netflix’s Daredevil series. I personally don’t think he should, even though there’s a chance there’s already been a Spider-Man Easter-egg and possible Miles Morales mention in the show.

However I didn’t have a problem with Daredevil appearing in a Spider-Man film and that’s exactly what actor the superhero Charlie Cox’s comments have indicated is a possbility thanks to a recent interview! Talking to Close-UpFilm, he said

"It’d be great. I’ve read Civil War now, I’ve read The New Avengers, I know he’s in there but I think I missed the boat on Civil War because they’re filming that. I don’t know, Marvel have not mentioned that to me at all. It’s in my contract that if they want me to do it, I’m there, and I would love that. That would be an extension of the dream, but I’m a pretty happy customer at this point, to get to do the series again. And I get to do The Defenders at some point."

The key part is the part where he says “It’s in my contract that if they want me to do it, I’m there” because that means that if they turn around and want Matt Murdock/Daredevil to appear in their 2017 Spider-Man flick then he absolutely will be in it!

Fingers crossed!

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