Why Spider-Man shouldn’t appear in Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series


Okay. I believe that clarity and honesty are some of the best traits that anyone who calls themselves a journalist can have so I’m going to start this article by saying that I know I’ve recently gotten excited about possibly seeing a Spider-Man Easter-egg in Daredevil, and then got even more excited about a possible Miles Morales reference. But now that I’ve given it some thought I do not want Spider-Man to appear in Netflix’s Daredevil.

Why on earth not? I hear you asking. Seeing Spider-Man, whoever is acting him, alongside Charlie Cox’s Daredevil taking on Kingpin, at least if Vincent D’onofrio gets his way, would be possibly one of the most awesome moments to happen on television. But after seeing the full season of the show I really hope that Marvel don’t do it!

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Hear me out. Daredevil is something completely new from Marvel, it’s a darker, more violent, more gritty superhero affair that is a breath of fresh air for those that find the family friendly antics of the Avengers a little too light.

We’re talking about a show that will let its main villain pummel someone’s head in with a car-door until it falls off, the head, not the car-door and where another assassin caves someone’s skull in with a bowling ball before eventually ramming their own head on a spike to commit suicide. Not to mention the

intense action-movie grade fight-scenes full of martial-arts and hard-hitting punches.

Basically Hell’s Kitchen is a completely different world and Spider-Man’s acerbic wit and light-heated manner would make him completely incongruous with the darker atmosphere that Daredevil is harnessing. For example, one of Spidey’s trademark quips wouldn’t really fit the situation of a ninja burning to death having been set on fire, which is the kind of thing that happens in Daredevil all the time.

And if it’s true that Marvel are going for a younger actor still in high-school for the Webhead then a young teenaged Spider-Man would be completely out of place in the world of Matt Murdock and Kingpin which is full of drugs, gangs, bribery and murder. Not a situation I’d imagine Marvel want to throw a ‘child’ into onscreen.

Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see Daredevil and Spider-Man teaming up and I’d love to see Spider-Man facing off against the Kingpin but I don’t want either of those things to take place within the genre and tonal confines of Marvel’s Daredevil series. If either Daredevil or Kingpin were to show up in a Spider-Man film however, that’d be a different matter!

What do you guys think?

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