Daredevil Looks Like Most Popular Netflix Series So Far


No one knows for sure how many people watch original programming on Netflix, mostly because the company won’t say. The best other firms can do is take educated guesses, but based on the one made by one research company, it sure looks like Daredevil is the most popular original show Netflix has aired to date.

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Luth Research provided some info to Variety that suggests almost 11 percent of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of Daredevil between April 10 and April 21. That’s more than Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (7.3%) or the third season of House of Cards (6.5%). And while there’s no data about previous seasons of the latter or other Netflix original series — most notably, Orange Is the New Black —it’s reasonable to think that more people watched Daredevil early on its release than any show on the service over a similar period.

That’s good news for Marvel, which can now count on the goodwill from this first show to help prop up interest in the series for characters who are even lesser known to the general public, especially AKA Jessica Jones. It should also create quite the groundswell of anticipation for Daredevil Season 2, which has already been announced and will likely be on its way next spring.

It’s also great for Netflix, obviously, not only because it reinforces the wisdom of doing business with Marvel, but also because plenty of people are paying to watch even though Daredevil is being called one of the most heavily pirated shows on TV. A win-win for all involved – not bad for a super hero many people figured would never get another shot at movies or TV after the Ben Affleck film.

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