Sesame Street Meets The Avengers In The Aveggies – Age of Bon Bon


I don’t keep tabs on Sesame Street the way I used to now that my own kids are a little older, but I do know that the iconic children’s show has a long history of doing humorous pop culture parodies that are appropriate for the little ones. Thus, it probably should not surprise me that the folks at Sesame Workshop would get around to doing something related to Avengers: Age of Ultron, and right in time for the big premier, too.

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The result is “The Aveggies – Age of Bon Bon,” and like the best Sesame Street parody bits, it includes some jokes that are in there for the parents. Witness Captain Americauliflower upset because his new costume for the sequel got ruined, or the super-sized, green Cookie Monster asking at the end if his teammates want to go get some veggie shawarma.

Mostly, though, it’s a funny send-up of the climactic Battle of New York from The Avengers that is spoiler-free as far as the new movie is concerned. It’s definitely a day unlike any other when Captain Americauliflower, Onion Man, Mighty Corn, Black Bean Widow, Zuchin-eye and Dr. Brownie band together, and trust me, you’ll never look at the vegetables in your fridge quite the same way again.

Aveggies, assemble!

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