Could Canceling Revenge Free Up Emily VanCamp For More Marvel Movie Work?


Sharon Carter is a crucial figure in the life of Captain America in modern comics. In the movies? Not so much, at least so far. It’s true that we saw Agent 13 play a part in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it wasn’t a huge one.

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I’ve wondered if part of the reason Carter hasn’t been featured more often in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — like on Agents of SHIELD, perhaps — was because the woman who plays her, Emily VanCamp, has been tied up in the lead role on the ABC drama Revenge. I honestly have no idea if that’s the case, but it won’t be an issue going forward, as word came out today that Revenge had been canceled as of the end of its current season.

(Sidebar: I don’t watch Revenge, but how did VanCamp’s character sustain her quest for four full seasons?)

So far, the most we’ve seen of VanCamp was when she hosted the Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop! special last year. There’s been no confirmation that her Carter will even be in Captain America: Civil War, but again, that could have been because she wasn’t really available. I’d love to see her involved in some way, especially if the new flick ends with Steve Rogers seemingly killed off or otherwise out of commission. Carter was so pivotal to the time directly after Steve’s “death” in the comics, it wouldn’t be right without her in the mix somehow in the movies.

Give it some thought, Marvel. I know you’re juggling a bunch of characters already for Civil War, but another strong female in the mix is always welcome.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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