FCBD 2015: Divergence #1 Review


The thing about Free Comic Book Day releases by the Big Two publishers is that you never know exactly what you’re going to get. They’ve wisely moved away from reprints, for the most part, but even the new stuff isn’t always worth the hype.

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Not so with DC’s Divergence #1, which offers tantalizing glimpses into the post-Convergence future of three heavy hitters from the company’s super hero line: Batman, Superman and Justice League. Even better, they’re from the regular creative teams, and Greg Capullo, John Romita, Jr. and Jason Fabok (with Jim Lee pitching in on the cover as well) most likely form the most potent FBCD artist lineup of all time.

It’s difficult to discuss stories this short and to the point without venturing into spoiler territory, but suffice it to say that they all deal with important plot points. Batman has the most dramatic one, showcasing how Gotham City is reacting to the presumed deaths of both Batman and the Joker in the finale of “Endgame.” Suffice it to say that even though the identity of the new Batman has already been revealed, it’s still a bit surprising to see how that character ends up taking up the mantle.

Superman is dealing with the public exposure of his secret identity by someone he trusted. It’s a very personal betrayal, and we get to see how he reacts to his new status quo. Hint: he doesn’t handle it well. Incoming writer Gene Luen Yang also gives us my favorite moment of Divergence, with Superman telling Lois Lane, “Stop. Why’s everybody trying to give me money?” A sad state of affairs for the Man of Steel.

Last but not least, Geoff Johns and Fabok give us some pivotal background on someone who looks to be a major player in “Darkseid War.” Using the visions of one character as a portal, we get brief bursts of future events, something Johns has done to great effect in the past. Fabok’s two-page spread of Darkseid battling the Anti-Monitor is also awesome.

It’s hard to argue with free comics in any form, but it’s great when you get some that feel important as well. Divergence #1 fits the bill in that regard, and is reason enough to venture out to your LCS on this Free Comic Book Day if you haven’t already done so.

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