Spider-Man is the most valuable comic book movie franchise


Spider-Man is Marvel’s most profitable superhero in terms of merchandise and now new figures have revealed that he’s also the most valuable comic book movie franchise as well! Take that Avengers with your ridiculously high box office for Age of Ultron, Spidey’s made more money than you! *Sticks out tongue*

Seriously though 24/7 Wall Street has analysed publicly available Box Office figures to see which superhero character’s film franchise (all of the films about that character) has made the most money and unsurprisingly Spidey came out on top!

"1. Spider-Man>Franchise rank by worldwide gross receipts: 1 ($3.96 billion)>Franchise rank by U.S. gross receipts: 2 ($1.58 billion)>Number of movies in franchise: five>Studio: Columbia>Top grossing movie in franchise: “Spider-Man” (2002) ($403.7 million)>Production budget: $139 million>All-time domestic U.S. sales rank: 16>All-time worldwide sales rank: 44When the initial “Spider-Man” movie was released in 2002, the movie was the top grossing film in any genre that year, it boasted the top opening weekend gross receipts of any movie that year, and it sold more tickets than any other PG-13-rated movie. Four of the five franchise movies are among the top 12 of all time in gross ticket sales. The next live-action film in the franchise is on the schedule for summer of 2017 and the first animated Spider-Man film is due in 2018, both from Sony."

Also unsurprisingly is the fact that Spidey’s nearest competition came from Batman and the X-Men who are the other two superheroes that have had ongoing franchises long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a thing.

For the full list and the breakdown of the other nine franchises in the top ten click on this link!

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