Dr. Octopus’ return teased in Amazing Spider-Man #18


Remember during the Spider-Verse storyline when Otto Octavius’ Superior Spider-Man was severely beaten by Peter Parker after he killed the Master Weaver? Good, then you’ll remember when he told his hologram to sleep for 100 days.

Many people speculated that this was Dan Slott writing in a contingency plan for Superior Spider-Man/Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus to return to the Amazing Spider-Man comic book franchise after giving Peter his body back.

Well, that theory received another injection of adrenaline to keep it alive from this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #18 which showed us the finale of Ghost’s rampage through Parker Industries and also gave us a small glimpse of what was, perhaps, Doc Ock’s plan.

During the fight the real Anna Maria picks up two webshooters that were designed to take out Venom but may work on the Ghost, one shoots flaming webs and the other shoots sonic webs. However in one of the webshooters you can clearly see Superior Spider-Man’s Anna hologram, the one he told to sleep for 100 days.

So, what will happen to bring Otto back, Sajani and Anna Maria had been working on the secret cybernetics project, Anna Maria’s hologram is surely going to do something after 100 days and then the Living Brain mentioned an ‘upgrade’. Are all of these events going to combine to bring Doctor Octopus back better than ever?

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