Massive Spoiler: Spider-Man’s role revealed as Captain America: Civil War script reportedly leaks


I’m going to start this article off by saying that this is 100% definitely not confirmed and could 100% definitely be something that is entirely made-up. However an anonymous 4chan user has taken to the website claiming to have read the script for Captain America’s third film, Captain America: Civil War.

The anonymous user has posted a breakdown for the entire film revealing what new characters like Baron Zemo, Black Panther and Spider-Man will get up to as well as possibly revealing who new casting announcement Martin Freeman will be playing.

What is about to follow is the relevant bits from the script that relate to Spider-Man. this script probably isn’t true, it really probably isn’t, but just in case you don’t want to have the movie, and possibly Spider-Man’s big entrance into the MCU spoiled DO NOT CARRY ON READING.

"We then see Spider-Man’s first public appearance catching some criminals,"

So, after some set-up relating to the public trusting superheroes less and Captain America and Black Widow leading the New Avengers as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron we simply see Spider-Man already in action, stopping some criminals, which is exactly how we’ve been told he’d be introduced.

"Stark approaches Spider-Man to join the Registration. Spider-Man confides with Stark his secret identity, and Stark is surprised to learn he’s just a boy. They bond, and Peter mentions Uncle Ben and his mantra that “With great powers, come great responsabilities”. Stark then unveils his team on public TV,"

We learn that something goes wrong involving Bucky Barnes’ Winter Soldier which forces Stark to enforce the Superhero Registration Act which causes the Avengers to pick two sides. As you can see from the above paragraph Spider-Man joins Stark’s team, referring to great power coming with great responsibility. This is pretty much the expected thing as it happens in the comic books.

"Steve notices that, while everyone is beating eachother, Spider-Man has peeled off and is rescuing civilians. He realizes they’re fighting for themselves, not for the people, and they need to work together if they want to stop HYDRA."

During the big fight between the two forces Steve notices Spider-Man saving civilians rather than fighting another superhero and realises that they’ve got everything wrong. Whether this is true or not I particularly love the idea that Spidey is the catalyst that ends the Civil War.

"Peter realizes he isn’t made to fight in wars, he’s there to look out for the common man, and Stark sends him off, erasing his data from the registry."

This is a good way to get around Peter Parker revealing his identity because they can’t do what they did in the comic books. This also makes me think that Spider-Man: The New Avenger is going to be the title of the new film as he realises he does have a place in the Avengers

And here’s some more on Spider-Man from the anonymous source himself (or herself)

"He’s already a vigilante, with a shitty homemade costume, and he’s the one turning the most heads, because he’s actually superpowered and much more public than others (Daredevil is referenced). Stark recruits him to the government-sponsored Avengers, and they have a teacher-and-student relationship. He gets the suit from Stark.He eventually feels the Avengers are taking their feud a little too far, and calls out Stark on his bullshit. In the end, he’s one fo the few still in activity, even though he reneges on the government sponsorship.He doesn’t interact much with Cap, though. I missed that"

You can check out the full ‘leaked’ movie script here

Again, throughout the entire thread the orignal poster doesn’t mention any specific quotes or scene description and is only able to paraphrase what happens throughout the movie. So, I’m going to go with this being a fake, although some parts might have elements of truth, and some parts might turn out to accidentally be true. However if this was honestly the storyline for the movie I’d be pretty, if not completely, happy with it! This sounds great!

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