Preview: Action Takes Root In Groot #1


Go ahead and admit it. You love Groot, especially after seeing him in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but you’re curious as to how he could ever carry his own series, seeing as he only says one thing.

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Marvel is hoping that makes you inquisitive enough to plunk down a few bucks for Groot #1, which goes on sale June 3. Written by Jeff Loveness and illustrated by Brian Kesinger, the debut solo issue is promising “action, adventure, excitement and heart.” Also, intergalactic hitchhiking and space sharks, which I’m pretty sure I’ve already told me kids don’t exist. Mea culpa.

The real hook here is to see how Groot is able to make it on his own. Not just without the other Guardians, but minus the translating skills of Rocket Raccoon. Is anyone going to understand what Groot is really saying? And couldn’t things get just a bit complicated for him if they can’t?

My answers to those questions would be “I have no idea” and “definitely,” in that order. While we spend the next few weeks mulling over the kind of hilarity that the tree-like alien is going to find himself in, we’ve got preview pages and a variant cover by Ryan Stegman to admire. Just scroll down and take them all in, then get ready for an adventure to which you already know the dialogue — honest.

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