Preview: Small Heroes In A Big Battle In Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1


Some of the Secret Wars tie-in series sound awesome because of the concepts, which isn’t surprising considering Marvel is putting new spins on almost its entire catalog of past events. Others are enticing because of the creative teams involved. And a few are both, which is the case for yours truly when it comes to Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1.

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In this case, it’s the one-man creative team of Skottie Young on both story and art. He’s one of the most fun cover artists in the game today, but it’s also great when he gets to let loose on an entire book, which is what he’s been doing in the pages of Rocket Raccoon.

Aside from my dislike of typing out the entire name of the series, there’s nothing about Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1 that doesn’t sound entertaining. Here’s how Marvel describes it:

"Big action and tiny heroes collide as an all-out war breaks out between the two biggest factions in the Marvel Universe! The toughest, craziest and most popular Marvel heroes are going to THROW DOWN on Battleworld. Featuring the likes of Cyclops, Hawkeye, Magik, Black Widow, Wolverine, Captain America and many, many more. They’re all here – just shorter!"

What world did the Beyonders snatch the tiny Avengers and X-Men from to bring them to Battleworld? Beats the heck out of me. All I know is I want to see what kind of chaos they create, which will begin when the first issue hits stores and digital on June 3. For right now, we’ve got a preview of what awaits, along with variant covers by Young and Humberto Ramos, whose style is also well-suited for this particular book.

What can I say but enjoy!

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