Report: Agents Of SHIELD Spin-Off Dead, Secret John Ridley Series Not


So much for the Bobbi and Lance Power Hour (note: not even a small chance that this was going to be the show’s real name).

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In the wake of the news that ABC has decided to renew both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter comes word from Deadline that the proposed spinoff series featuring Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse and Lance Hunter is no longer going forward. Coincidence? Probably not, as even the existing Marvel spy hows on the network aren’t exactly ratings darlings, so three would have been pushing it, to say the least.

More importantly from this viewer’s perspective, Agents of SHIELD has a much better chance of having an interesting Season 3 by keeping Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood around. Like most comic fans, I was initially excited to see Bobbi, but Hunter has actually been one of the revelations of Season 2. He appeared to be a stock “rogue with a heart of gold” type at first, but he’s grown to be much more than that.

The Deadline report also has some good news for those hoping for some more blatantly super-powered Marvel on ABC, which is that John Ridley’s mystery series is still in double secret probation development. Fans seem to have latched onto the idea that this could be a showcase for the current Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, and while we’re still probably a good way away from knowing if that’s the case, Ridley is a hot enough name right now that anything he does is worth tracking.

(via Deadline by way of Comic Book Resources)

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