Avengers: Age Of Ultron Still Number 1, Cracks $300 Million Domestic


How’s Avengers: Age of Ultron doing at the box office as it finishes its second weekend of U.S. release? That all depends on how you look at it.

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On one hand, it was easily number one for the second straight weekend, bringing in an estimated $77.2 million. On the other, it dropped off 59.6 percent from its debut, which is a steeper decline than the first Avengers movie and quite possibly the result of its weaker reviews.

Age of Ultron has already cracked the top 10 among super hero movies, bumping Iron Man 3 from the list. It’s worst case track likely gets it to third all-time among super hero flicks, behind only The Dark Knight and The Avengers. It’s raking in the bucks overseas as well.

So again, it’s all a matter of perception. If you set the bar so high that only owning the opening weekend record and surpassing the first team outing would be considered a success, then yes, Age of Ultron is slightly disappointing. That seems a little unfair, however, and likely isn’t the way Marvel is viewing its performance.

It does, however, emphasize the fact that despite Marvel’s unprecedented ability to turn its characters into blockbuster movies, it can’t rest on its laurels and assume people will eat all of them up going forward, Each film needs to be high quality in its own right, something that could be put to the test in just a few months when Ant-Man invades theaters.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep watching as Age of Ultron climbs the ranks, because it’s almost guaranteed of topping $400 million over the next few weeks, which would make it only the 20th movie to accomplish that feat in the U.S. Hard to call it disappointing in that context.

(All box office data via Box Office Mojo)

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