Preview: One Woman Against The Undead In Marvel Zombies #1


If we’ve learned anything from the first two issues of Secret Wars, it’s that some unpleasant bits of different realities made it to the new Battleworld. How else to explain that there would be a vast region in the south populated by the walking dead?

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Even worse, these are no ordinary zombies we’re talking about, but the reanimated remains of super heroes and villains. In Marvel Zombies #1, writer Simon Spurrier and artist Kev Walker – a man who’s already had some experience with undead Marvel characters — are going to bring us the story of Elsa Bloodstone. Already renowned as a legendary Battleworld monster hunter, Bloodstone patrols the great wall known as the Shield. It’s her job to keep out the horrors that await on the other side (there are also Annihilus’ bugs and Ultron’s killer robots, so it’s just not a nice place), even if every day means possible death.

Still, when she spots a human child still alive on the wrong side of the Shield, she doesn’t hesitate to leap into the fray. But will she be ale to fight her way back to the wall again?

Marvel says that if you think the answer is an automatic no, you’ve never met Else Bloodstone. We’ll make her acquaintance for the first time when Marvel Zombies #1 hits stores and digital on June 10, but in the meantime, we’ve got a brief taste of what awaits right here. And no, we don’t mean the taste of human brains, even if that would be strangely appropriate in this case!

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