Batman v Superman Rumors: Is It Just A Dream?


Latino Review’s movie scoop meister Umberto Gonzalez was on the ShanlianOnBatman Podcast earlier today, and he made some pretty interesting claims about the upcoming Batman v Superman movie due out next year.

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First, Gonzalez claimed that Doomsday is in Batman v Superman as “the muscle”. That would imply Luther is the brains behind the muscle. Doomsday has previously been rumored to be in Batman v Superman previously (possibly as a resurrected General Zod), so this actually isn’t a new rumor per say, but it might add credibility to said rumor.

The second more interesting/worrying rumor (to me anyways) is that Gonzalez claimed the “do you bleed” line from the Batman v Superman trailer is from a dream sequence in the film. I’m really hoping it’s just that line of dialogue itself and not the whole fight sequence. Because few things would be worse than promising a big throw down between the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight and having it just be a dream. We’ll have to find out for sure when Batman v Superman opens in theaters next March.


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