First Look: Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1


Period pieces can be tough sells. So a mainstream comic about a group of all female fighter pilots might not be a best-seller. But if you add Captain Marvel, a dose of sci-fi and set that same book on the Secret Wars Battleworld … well, now you’ve got yourself something you just don’t see every day.

Let’s call it Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps. What’s that? Marvel already has a Secret Wars tie-in by that same name coming? And it’s by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson and David Lopez? Well shoot, sorry I wasn’t first with that idea, but that does sound like a fun book.

Here’s how Marvel describes it:

"Welcome to Hala Field, where if you’ve got the guts – if you’ve got the moxie, you just might make it as a member of the Carol Corps. The chosen few, the proud, the brightest pilots of all. The Carol Corps soar high above Battleworld, protecting and defending Hala Field from the worst Battleworld has to offer. And the Carol Corps needs people like you! So put on your uniform and strap in for the most high-flying, action packet Captain Marvel series fans have been clamoring for."

At the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, the folks from Marvel also hinted that this might be the series where the characters start wondering, and possibly investigating, whether there’s anything beyond Battleworld. Didn’t there used to be stars up there?

We’ve got a first look at some Lopez art from Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1, but you’ll need to hit up your LCS or digital on June 10 for the whole thing.

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