Meet Mr. Bloom, Batman’s Newest Villain


In August, Batman is getting a brand new villain. And Harley Quinn is going on a road trip!

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Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are introducing a new bat-villain for the new Batman to take on. His name is Mr. Bloom, but Mr. Bloom’s name and his appearance are all we know about this new Batman foe at this point. While it’s cool to see Batman battle his iconic foes, some new blood needs to be introduced every once and awhile. Snyder & Capullo have already created memorable new villains such as The Court of Owls, so hopefully Mr. Bloom is yet another great addition to the Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

On a less serious note, Harley Quinn is hitting the road in August, with Poison Ivy & Catwoman in tow. This is for a one-shot titled “Harley Quinn Road Trip Special”. That’s pretty much all the info for that issue currently. But also look for some Bat-universe crossovers such Damian Wane in Bat-Mite #3 and the new Batman (Commissioner Gordon) appearing in We Are… Robin #3. So plenty of cool stuff for Bat-comic fans to look forward to in the coming months!

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