Mezco Reveals ‘Batman vs Mutant Leader’ for SDCC


Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns is enjoying a renaissance in appreciation recently, which is a little surprising since we recently  discovered that Miller is a crazy person. With Batman v Superman borrowing heavily from it and a third book in the series on the horizon, DKR is all the rage right now.

Mezco has revealed a 1:12 scale sculpt of the climax of the book in their One:12 Collective series.

The really cool thing about these is that they are action figures, not statues. You can play out the whole scene! Comic Alliance pointed out the flaw with the set, though, and as a fan of continuity it bothers me. The scene depicted is actually BEFORE Batman switches to the solid black bat with no oval. Collectors might be irked at that, being the only inconsistency.

The set will be a Comic-Con exclusive, like all good things, so it will be hard to track down without being there.

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The One:12 Collective Dark Knight Returns Batman vs. Mutant Leader Deluxe Boxed Set is available for pre-order now for $150 and should ship out in August. But remember, that won’t be the exclusive version.

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