New Infographic Shows How Many People Your Favorite Marvel Super Hero Has Killed


Traditionally, most Marvel super heroes don’t kill. Notable exceptions include Wolverine, the Punisher and Deadpool, but the aim of most of the others is to preserve as many innocent lives as possible.

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Yet there are times when there are no other options, and the greater good is served by ending one life to preserve others. Some heroes have also killed while under the influence of bad guys, or simply experienced changes to their moral codes as comics generally changed with the times.

Whatever the reason, you might be surprised to find out how many times your favorite Marvel super hero has killed in the line of duty. There’s no need to guess at the total, though, not while Morph Costumes has done all the research for you. Using both and, the costume company has not only totaled up how many people each of the Marvel characters on the infographic below has killed, but also whether or not their victims were good, bad or neutral.

It’s worth noting that not every character on the infographic is a hero, or even an anti-hero like the Punisher. For example, Malekith is simply a straight up villain. I also feel like Magneto must have been responsible for a whole bunch more deaths during certain periods of his history, but I’m guessing Morph Costumes is only counting on-screen deaths here.

As for Wolverine topping the list … well, he always was said to be the best there was at what he did, even if it wasn’t very pretty. At least we know he won’t be adding to his total after dying himself.

(via CBR’s Robot 6)

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