Wizard World: Day 3 Cosplay & Robin Lord Taylor Panel Highlights


Wizard World St Louis is a wrap for 2015. We had a blast and can’t wait to go again next year!

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Sunday at Wizard World didn’t bring a whole lot of new cosplay to check out. But we did get some lovely female Jokers, a pirate-themed Harley & Joker couple and a pretty good Harley Quinn who was also the excellent Scarecrow in yesterday’s post. Check them out below:

Caped Crusades attended a Q&A panel at Wizard World for Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor.  He had some interesting things to say about his character and the upcoming season of Gotham:

Robin Lord Taylor said “It’s nice to see my face on T-Shirts! That never gets old!” He mentioned being scanned for an action figure for his character, which he thought was “so crazy”. Taylor also thinks that his career and Penguin’s rise to “King of Gotham” are sort of a parallel as he feels like his role on Gotham represents him really making it in the industry.

Taylor had high praise for co-star Jada Pinkett Smith, who played Fish Mooney on Gotham, calling her “one of the kindest, most supportive actors I’ve ever worked with”. He also compared the relationship between Penguin & Fish Mooney to the relationship between himself & Smith, saying that Penguin learned everything about Gotham from Fish Mooney & Taylor learned so much about “this life” (becoming more of a public person & people recognizing you) from Smith.

When talking about Penguin becoming the “King of Gotham”, Taylor said:

"His whole focus has been on getting to this point, I don’t know how prepared he is for maintaining that. When you’re at the top in Gotham, you have a giant target on your back. Whether you’re on the good side of things like the law or whether you’re on the bad side of things."

Talking about possibly incorporating some of the Penguin’s trademarks (the monocle, how he talks), Robin Lord Taylor claimed he “didn’t know anything”, but looking at things like Penguin’s trademark walk, these will most likely develop organically through the course of the series. “When does he get the helicopter umbrella?”, Taylor wondered.

Taylor said his favorite thing about Penguin was “his ability to read people and identify with them and manipulate them to get what he wants.”

Taylor also spoke on Penguin’s feelings about the things he does:

"Oswald is a master manipulator, but I don’t think it’s bs. I think he actually really does feel upset that these things have to happen. But he’s pragmatic and nothing will stand in the way of his ambition. So he really does feel sad the Fish has to go and Falcone has to go. But that’s Gotham city baby."

Robin Lord Taylor was asked about villains we could look forward to in the next season of Gotham. Taylor said he specifically knew of two that were coming: Mr. Freeze and & Mad Hatter. Freeze has been mentioned as coming to season two several times, but I believe this is the first time the Mad Hatter has been confirmed as coming to the show.

Taylor also said he keeps begging the writers to give him some of Penguin’s cool gimmick umbrellas, like the hypnosis one or the sleeping gas one. Host Aaron Sagers pointed out that the switchblade umbrella would make perfect sense and Taylor agreed, stating “Penguin gets stabby.”

And those were the highlights of Robin Lord Taylor’s Q&A at Wizard World St Louis 2015. We at Caped Crusades had a great time at Wizard World and can’t wait to go again next year. We are always looking to expand our con coverage so if you love attending and writing about cons, why not do it for us? You’ll can often get a free pass to the event as part of the media and you might even get to hang out with a celebrity or two!

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