Chris Pine Negotiating To Play Wonder Woman Love Interest?


This must just be a super hero movie casting news kind of day. Wonder Woman looks like it might be about to pick up a male co-star for Gal Gadot, and one who’s been attached to rumors about comic book movies before.

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A report in Variety says that Chris Pine is in negotiations to sign on for Wonder Woman, where he would apparently play the Amazon warrior’s love interest (historically, at least) Steve Trevor. Warner Bros. did not confirm the report, but Variety cited sources close to the production.

Interestingly, the story also says that Scott Eastwood decided to pass on being considered for the role in exchange for guaranteed work in Suicide Squad, where he was cast in as yet unrevealed role.

Pine’s name had been thrown around in the rumor mill as a candidate for Green Lantern should Warner and DC decide to reboot Hal Jordan for the upcoming Justice League movies, but whether or not that was actually considered or simply a matter of wishful thinking on the part of the fans was never really clear. If the producers decide to follow the New 52 blueprint for Trevor, it’s possible Pine could end up appearing in multiple films, because his character has a recurring role in the adventures of the Justice League in the current comics continuity.

The other piece to this puzzle that could come into play is the rumor that Wonder Woman would be a period piece, with the movie set prior to World War II. If that turns out to be the case, you’d have to wonder if Trevor would be introduced as a character from that time, perhaps one that Diana is sad about losing since she’s said to be functionally immortal.

All of this is simply speculation until Warner Bros. makes an announcement of some sort, but casting for Wonder Woman should start picking up relatively soon, as the iconic super hero’s solo film debut is slated for 2017.

(via Variety)

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