What Would A George Miller Justice League Be Like?


Director George Miller is riding high right now off of Mad Max: Fury Road, probably the most critically acclaimed action film of the last decade. But what would a Justice League movie directed by George Miller be like? Had it not been for the writer’s strike that lasted from 2007 through some of 2008, we probably would’ve found out, and a new documentary will tell us all about it.

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Titled “Miller’s Justice League Mortal”, this documentary is currently in development and aims to feature never before seen artwork, interviews with some of the proposed cast and crew. George Miller’s Justice League was mere days away from filming, with Armie Hammer as Batman, Adam Brody as The Flash & Common as Green Lantern. If you listen to Kevin Smith’s podcast, Fatman on Batman, on the most recent episode, Smith & Brody actually talked all about his role as the Flash in the movie and the script as well as trying on the costume.

The Twitter account for the documentary also released some concept art that was made for George Miller’s Justice League that shows Aquaman & Wonder Woman:

Again, the documentary, titled “Miller’s Justice League Mortal”, is currently in development and hopes to start filming later this year. I certainly hope it gets made, it’d be a fascinating watch. And I’m sure we wouldn’t mind seeing George Miller’s take on another DC property. How about Power Girl? That seems right up his alley.

h/t Comicbook.com

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