Might We See A Classic Batman Scene In Suicide Squad?


(Note: Though this post discusses unconfirmed reports, it contains potential spoilers for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie if those reports turn out to be true. Be forewarned if you proceed!)

With Batman all but confirmed to play some part in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad film, fans have been wondering what the Dark Knight might be up to besides chasing the Joker around in their respective cars. Super hero movie scoopmeister Umberto Gonzalez might have figured out part of the answer, and it’s one that’s sure to please fans of the source material.

As his first big dish for his new site, Heroic Hollywood, Gonzalez says his sources have told him that Batman will be paying Amanda Waller a visit, and doing it in classic Batman fashion where he’s “already inside Amanda Waller’s office waiting for her in the shadows.”

Batman is apparently none too happy about Task Force X, which parallels his objections to Waller’s activities in the original Suicide Squad comic book series.

"You see Batman is totally against the concept behind the Suicide Squad, in fact he warns Waller that he will hold her personally responsible for any innocents The Joker & the rest of the Suicide Squad kill. A warning so stern that he has to visit Waller personally to deliver the message."

If that scene plays out the way Gonzalez describes, it would be fantastic not only as an homage to a famous print showdown — one that only ended after Waller threatened to use her vast resources to discover who was behind Batman’s cowl — but also to reassure fans that the Ben Affleck Batman will be one they can easily recognize. Of course he’s not going to like the government using villains on missions, especially where the Joker is involved.

File this one away for later, as it definitely has the potential to swing skeptical folks (this writer included) into more cautious optimism for Suicide Squad.

(via Heroic Hollywood)

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