James Wan To Direct Aquaman Solo Movie


Even while we wait to see Jason Momoa grace the silver screen for the first time as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. is getting the Justice Leaguer’s solo debut ready to go. With the star already in place, the studio now has a director as well.

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And according to Deadline, it’s James Wan. The Australian filmmaker initially made a name for himself with horror films like Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring, but he proved his blockbuster bona fides by heading up Furious Seven.

Indeed, it’s that big budget experience that was referenced in the official announcement by Greg Silverman of Warner Bros.:

"The Aquaman film will be a major tentpole picture for us and James’s span of work has proven him able to take on any manner of project, bringing his incredible creative talent and unique voice to the material."

The Deadline piece makes a brief reference to the plot of Aquaman, which will have the hero caught in-between the surface world and Atlantis. While it’s not expected to adapt any specific arc from the comics, the theme of Aquaman being torn by his duties to his undersea kingdom and the greater good is one that has been explored multiple times in print.

Having Wan on the project should help ease any fears by fans that the hero won’t be taken seriously. It’s hard to imagine a director of Wan’s background not insisting that Aquaman is kicking the appropriate amount of butt, and Momoa should bring a whole bunch of ruggedness to the role as well.

Aquaman will head to theaters sometime in 2018.

(via Deadline)

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