Ant-Man: Six-Minute IMAX Preview Attached To Jurassic World


Just a crazy hunch here, but Jurassic World is probably going to be pretty awesome in IMAX. If you’re a fan of Marvel super heroes as well as dinosaurs, there’s another good reason to see it on the really big screen, and that’s the special sneak peek of Ant-Man that’s going to be attached to it. What, you thought I was going to say it’s because Star-Lord is in Jurassic World (which of course, he is, in the form of actor Chris Pratt)?

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Much bigger, ironically, than a normal preview, the IMAX sneak peek will clock in at a full six minutes. Because this is the awesome world that we live in, there’s even a preview for the preview, which you can see below.

Six minutes is certainly enough to start delving into an actual scene or two from the movie, so we’ll see if we can send one of our intrepid Bam Smack Pow reporters into the wild to do a write-up. I’d imagine that the normal Jurassic World showings might also have an Ant-Man trailer in front of them, though since it’s so close to release, that one is unlikely to be anything we haven’t already seen.

It won’t be long until we see the completed work in any case, as Ant-Man — the whole thing — is coming on July 17.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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