Batman v Superman Is For Kids, Suicide Squad For Adults


Warner Bros. and DC seem to be taking a two-pronged approach when it comes to their upcoming movies and merchandise.

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While properties like Batman v. Superman & Justice League are under a deal with Mattel to produce “a wide range toy line, including action figures, role-play, playsets and collectible figures, highlighted by the fan-favorite Movie Masters line”, they are aiming Suicide Squad mainly for serious collectors and adults.

With Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. Consumer Products released a statement announcing plans to “offer a targeted licensing and merchandising program focusing on collectors and adult fans in support of Suicide Squad.”

What does that probably mean for fans of DC films? Well surprisingly, despite a tone that hardly screams “all ages” there will be plenty of Batman v Superman merchandise for the kids, meaning Batman v Superman might not be as dour as that first trailer would lead us to believe. This also indicates that they won’t necessarily be pulling any punches when it comes to Suicide Squad, so any worries that it will be toned down to reach a younger audience can hopefully be put to rest (maybe it’ll even be an R-rated movie). Of course, Suicide Squad doesn’t exist in a bubble, it’s still connected to the greater DC universe, so we’ll have to see how well those mesh. I don’t want a super violent Joker in Suicide Squad who’s suddenly toned it down to PG-13 or less in future movies.

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