DC Will Be At SDCC In Full Force, But Marvel Won’t…


The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is easily the biggest comic convention all year, but while one major company will be making their presence known in a big way, the film division of the biggest comic book company won’t even be there.

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That’s right, while Marvel certainly won’t be absent at this year’s SDCC entirely, their film division, Marvel Studios will not be in attendance. That means we won’t see anything on Ant-Man, which will be in theaters soon after, or Captain America: Civil War, out next year, or any other upcoming Marvel films.

This means DC films will pretty much have SDCC all to themselves. So prepare for big presentations (and maybe new trailers?) of both Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad, which are coming out next year. Will there be any info on future projects such as the Justice League movies or Batman solo film? Let’s hope so. This year’s SDCC is happening July 9-12th, so be prepared for some big comic news that weekend! Those looking for Marvel film news will likely have to wait until Disney’s own big fan expo, D23 in August.

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