Preview: High Noon In Secret Wars In 1872 #1


Ah, there’s nothing like the classic tropes of the Old West. High noon. Gunslingers. Tumbleweeds. Marvel super heroes?

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Well, maybe not exactly, but there are some familiar names with slightly different appearances in 1872 #1. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Nik Virella welcome all of us to the frontier town of Timely. Does that name have a hidden meaning? Comic historians are nodding right now.

Anyway, Timely might look like a stereotypical Western town, complete with a corrupt casino owner named Wilson Fisk. Sheriff Steve Rogers has his mind set on changing things for the better. I think I know both of those guys.

Things are already headed for a showdown when a mysterious stranger named Red Wolf arrives in Timely. Whose side is he on, and what change will he bring with him? Oh, and I did mention that this is set on the Secret Wars Battleworld, right? That’s bound to make things a little more interesting …

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A bunch of the Secret Wars tie-in books have unique flavors all their own, and this one looks like it will be no different in that regard. Look for 1872 #1 at your LCS on July 1 (with a gorgeous cover by Alex Maleev), though you don’t have to wait to enjoy a short preview by scrolling down right now.

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