Supergirl Premiere Date Set, But At Unusual Time


It’s not very often that an hour-long drama debuts at the bottom of an hour. Supergirl will when it flies onto CBS for the first time, but there’s a method to the network’s apparent madness.

The first episode of Supergirl will premiere on Monday, October 26 at the unusual time of 8:30 pm. It’s being scheduled that way so that CBS can give it a strong lead-in with one of the most popular shows on network TV, The Big Bang Theory, which will air a new episode right before the Girl of Steel takes her first bow.

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The regular time slot for Supergirl will be 8 pm on Mondays, where it will move the week after the pilot episode airs (with The Big Bang Theory moving to Thursdays). That puts its head-to-head with Gotham on Fox, though the different start dates for the two series will mean that they may not be competing with simultaneous new episodes quite as often as one might expect.

Of course if you’re so inclined, you might be able to find the first episode of Supergirl online. The pilot got a lot of attention when it leaked to a number of piracy sites several weeks ago, sparking speculation that perhaps CBS had floated the show out early to generate some buzz.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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