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Spider-Man Unlimited TITAN update 06/10/2015


Spider-Man Unlimited is taking it up a notch with the latest update of Gameloft’s beloved (I assume) endless runner.

The last update brought new monster Spider-(Wo)Men, new voice actors, more slots, and a more fine tuned event and playing experience. This time they aim to bring a brand new Issue and a wave a community features that players have requested. Let’s take a look.

The Mayhem of Mysterio: The final sinister six villain has revealed himself, and is now available to battle against in his new issue, including 25 new missions, and in events!

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Mysterio’s Dream World :Of course the master of illusion has to bring along a new world. To break the illusion you must defeat a giant Mysterio boss and his mini-clones. This new area includes crazy bent buildings (including one that bends all the way down so that you have to slide under it), shattering mirrors, purple orbs and shifting roads (as in the road breaks apart and splits into different heights forcing a jump). It’s especially cool when you exit as the illusions simply shatters as you return to the regular level. Just look how sweet that entrance is to the right.

New Alternate Dimension Spiders: Once again the things that we love the most are making their way into the new update. Ones that have been confirmed are:

  • Mary Jane Mangaverse Spider-Woman
  • Scarlet Spider (Felicity Hardy)
  • Spider-Mans (who is the prize for the current event!)
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And now for the new addition that will have most competitive players and collectors raring to play and drooling to attain…


Teased earlier with a shiny foil back, TITAN refers to a brand new rarity with new abilities. This means

8-star ranked

spideys with a new max level of


These will be sure to shake up the leaderboards and change the metagame up. It remains to be seen who will be the first TITAN spidey and whether they’ll have 3 abilities or just new ones, but I am certainly enthused by a new rarity as the status quo needs to be switched up from time to time. Plus, shiny.

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Finally, we have

Father’s Day and Independence Day events

coming up, and a new Multi-day Ultimate Spider-man event that features an exclusive boss. More community votes, Spidey Ops improvements which let you have better XP rewards and the ability to play the Spideys that are on Ops (perhaps I’ll actually do these now), and better objective counters to track progress in events.

Click that sweet new upside Spidey icon and get to playing. And I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on the new Titan Spider-Wo(Men), for there’s no doubt I’ll try my best to get them ASAP.