Batman v Superman: JUST DO IT


Did you know today was Shia Labeouf’s birthday? Seeing as he has yet to be part of the Batman universe, he doesn’t get a Batbirthday post, but it does seem to perfect time to show you this crazy mash-up of his recent viral video and the Batman v Superman trailer.

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Now, in case you have no idea what I’m referring to, it’s no secret that Shia Labeouf is a very eccentric actor to say the least. He’s also a favorite whipping boy of the internet. So he did this very intense motivational monologue (mostly of him constantly screaming “JUST DO IT” as a motivational tool), and of course people have parodied it to no end. Check out the original, unaltered monologue below:

Now, someone has taken that monolgue and crossed it with the Batman v Superman trailer. They basically make it appear as though Labeouf is talking Batman into talking down the Man of Steel and pumping him up for the encounter. You know what I’d totally go for? These scenes actually being in the movie, but Shia Labeouf is completely a figment of Batman’s imagination. Because he’s nuts. Check out the mash-up of Mr. Labouf’s speech and the Batman v Superman trailer below:


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