Suicide Squad: Is Common The Tattooed Man?


The new that rap artist Common had been cast in Suicide Squad broke awhile ago, but his role has remained a mystery. He wasn’t in the Suicide Squad cast photo or any of the set photos or videos that seem to be leaking every other day. Although still unconfirmed, a recent photo may give us a clue to who Common is playing in the Suicide Squad movie.

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The featured photo of Common on the Suicide Squad (courtesy of Just Jared) set may seem like he’s just another heavily-tattooed character to the casual observer, but it’s his tattoos that may indicate his role, as they bear a pretty good resemblance of those to the DC villain The Tattooed Man. The Tattooed Man has the power to bring the tattoos on his body to life and is most commonly a Green Lantern foe. This might be considered kind of ironic, given that Common was set to play Green Lantern in the George Miller Justice League film that almost happened. We’ll find out for sure when Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th, 2016.

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