Actors Discuss What It’s Like To Play Batman


In Mark Edlitz’s new book, How To Be A Superhero, Edlitz interviews actors who played some of the most popular superheroes and villains in TV in movies in the last 70 years of entertainment. Of course this includes a lot of actors who have played the caped crusader himself, Batman.

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Adam West, who of course played Batman in the seminal 60s TV show told Edlitz that sincerity was key:

"In my case, I reasoned that if I played Batman with utter sincerity — in that he doesn’t think he is funny — and occasionally with a little wink to the audience, then I could be absurdly big with the character. Those characters became almost Shakespearian."

Most of the rest of the Batman tales are collected from various interviews with the actors throughout the years with various publications and outfits. Of course, How To Be A Superhero features much more than interviews with just people who played Batman, you can check out some of the details on the Amazon page for the book, which is available for purchase now.

h/t Huffington Post

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