New Powers Are Coming For Firestorm


All DC fans know that Firestorm’s powers aren’t just limited to power over fire, but also power over matter.  So it’s no surprise that some viewers were a bit disappointed when Firestorm only showed limited abilities during the first season of The Flash.  However, Firestorm-heads shouldn’t be too let down.  Via an interview with Screen Rant, actor Robbie Amell, who plays the Ronnie Raymond half of Firestorm, revealed that the season finale of The Flash actually had a cut scene that involved Firestorm displaying his ability to rearrange atoms.

"The sad thing is there was a moment in the finale that had to be cut out – just because it was such a massive episode and it didn’t actually have anything to do with plot – where they introduced matter manipulation. There’s a scene where Danielle [Panabaker]’s character is checking my temperature and giving me the once-over. I call Victor in the room and we merge, and I turn her thermometer into a daffodil. It was just like a really nice, sweet way of showing… because she’s asking if we’re going to be OK, and I’m like, “Actually, we’re getting pretty good at this whole Firestorm thing.” And we merge without even missing a beat and turn that into a flower. It was a nice moment, but ultimately it just didn’t hold any bearing on the plot.So, matter manipulation I’m sure will be reintroduced, or maybe it will be available on the DVD director’s cut of the episode. But there’s so much they can do with this character. My biggest fear with the character was that he was too powerful. I think that sometimes that can be an issue. I feel like that’s the only problem I ever have with the Superman comic book, is other than kryptonite, how do you stop this guy? But they’ve done an unbelievable job."

Putting on my screenwriting hat, I would have to agree with the decision of the writers and the director in cutting this scene out.  Storytelling needs to be lean and mean.  If it sidetracks too much, you lose your audience.  It certainly would’ve been something cool to see though.

Aside from Amell’s speculation that the scene may make it onto The Flash‘s Season One DVD release, there’s also a chance that Firestorm will wield these new powers in future seasons of the hit show.  There’s also a possibility that Amell will guest star on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so that he can merge with Victor Garber’s Martin Stein and become Firestorm — bringing another opportunity for Flamebrain to show off his powers.

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